Top Notes:
Also known as “head” notes.
They form your initial impression
of a fragrance because they are
the first scent you smell.

Middle Notes:
Also known as “heart” notes.
As these notes unfold, they add complexity to the fragrance.

Base Notes:
Also known as “dry-down” notes. They add to your last impression of the fragrance and are usually the drier or earthier scents.

Anatomy of a Fragrance

Perfumers use a musical metaphor to describe how we experience fragrance. Great fragrances have a perfect balance of top, middle, and base notes. When a fragrance is created the top, middle, and base notes are designed to complement each other harmoniously. The notes unfold over time enhancing the fragrance experience.

Fragrance Pyramid

We use a fragrance pyramid for each of our
fragrances, which gives you an idea of what
you are about to experience.


acai berry & white tea